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We are located at 268 Victoria St, Richmond Vic 3121 and Finas 2 at 339 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC, 3065

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Finas 2 339 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3065


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Finas 2 Fitzroy Reviews

Jasmine Nguyen: Ordered the Bun Hue Chay (M1 / Vietnamese Vegan Spicy Noodles)  A lot less spicier than the other Fina's but the overall taste is still amazing. I wouldn't bother with making a lunch reservation but coming here for dinner? Definitely make a call.  Broth is amazing and the sides in the dish compliment each other well. Amazing creation!  The service is very fun and lively - she saw that the four of us were sharing 3 menus and quickly ran over to correct her mistake. Definitely recommend.  Still prefer the meat version tho. ;)

Katie Castles: Tina and Calvin and all the crew here are so lovely. My sisters and I eat here at least once a week because the food is high quality and msg free. The number 1 spicy noodle, you'll get obsessed.

Em Els:Beautiful vegan food, wonderful service and value for money, a must try even if you're a meat eater. The desserts are yum, try the bounty slice!

Kate Ah: Vegans, vegetarians and omnis will be very happy to share a meal here. For me the main draw is Fina's delicious noodle soups: rich broth, ingeniously concocted mock meat - or plenty fine tofu if you prefer. They cater for people who can't eat gluten or onion and garlic too. Also yummy: Vietnamese pancakes and the vegan grillled pork skewer - seriously. Oh, and how about a banana smoothy made with vegan condensed milk? Or a vegan tarot frappe? I've missed you, tarot drinks!

D Brook: Great fresh delicious vegetarian food. Couldn't fault it. Great price, friendly staff, relaxing attractive decor. If you want vegetarian it is my pick on Brunswick street

Jess: Cheap and cheerful. Fresh and simple, delicious food. Super friendly staff. Lovely family environment. Winner winner I can't believe its not chicken dinner.

Tamara P: I had a late lunch there today, thoroughly enjoyed all the food. The mock meats were amazing! Service was excellent. Highly recommend if you're after excellent vegan food at a great price.

Tash Iodice: Fina's is a great vegan Vietnamese restaurant with a large menu that can be adjusted to certain dietary requirements such as no onion/garlic and no mock meat. This is great if you need to avoid these ingredients. The service is always great, and the food is very fresh. Ive tried the pho and rice paper rolls and they are delicious. Fina's is a great addition to Brunswick Street and I hope it stays for a long time!

Stu Mannion: I've eaten a lot of vegetarian Vietnamese but this place is different. With their mock meats they've managed to recreate the taste of a meaty pho - and a good one. Way above average food and friendly staff. Hope this place sticks around.


Finas Richmond Reviews

Daniella Genende: Fantastic! Such a great find for a vegan Vietnamese food lover! Even my meat eating parents were very impressed too. We had the Vietnamese spicy noodle soup, bamboo noodle soup and Fina's vegan salad. Everything was fresh, healthy and full of flavour! We also tried a vegan Vietnamese iced coffee and one of the raw cheesecakes, both of which I highly recommend! The owners were super friendly and helpful, the service was great and there was a lovely atmosphere. Highly recommend.

Darren Borg: This was the first Vegetarian Cafe i've ever been too and I loved it (can't say I'll ever be eating 'mock' meats through - this is an acquired taste to say the least). The Vegan Vermicelli Noodle Salad is yum and fresh and the fruit drinks here are amazing.... I don't think I have had any better.

Carmy:  The owner is very nice. Great food vegetarian and vegan. All the drinks are simply fabulous, especially the avocado smoothie and the mango smoothie! Great service!

Serotonin Eatery:   Damn it! Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs!!!! haha we were sooo excited to try Fina's tonight and it lived up to it's reputation!! I felt like I was on holiday, just love Vic Street! My partner and I tried a mango and sugar cane juice mmmm heavenly! For main I had the rice paper rolls and the sugar cane "prawn" (vegan faux prawn, I think made from cognac- a white vegetable) soooo good! So painfully full now because I couldn't stop! I'll be back tomorrow! Can't wait to try the whole food menu as well as drinks and desserts!!! Plant based heaven!! :)

Kitty Mckenzie Johnson    This place has certainly grown on me. I'm in love with the Pandan tea and the sweet potato hawker cakes! They have a broad range of dishes available and cake as well.

Christine De Luis: We love Fina's!! All the food is amazing, tasty & quick! Service is wonderful & friendly. We visit at least once a week to dine on our favourites. I love eating here for the vegetarian, GF & OGF options. I know I can eat happily and leave without an upset tummy!

Sookie: Delicious healthy vegetarian fare at reasonable prices, attentive service and clean premises with a nice atmosphere...they even offered us free dessert! I couldn't ask for more!!!

Tom Vo: Vegan Pho. Delicious broth and fresh veggie with bean shoot and basil. Excellent. Great foods really loving it. Delicious foods and drinks. :)

Fire And Tea: Since becoming vegan a few years ago, I came to realise that there weren't very many vegan Vietnamese options out there. Vietnamese cuisine is one of my favourites, so it was a little disheartening to discover the lack of choices. Until I came across Fina’s Vegetarian Café. Fina’s started out on Victoria Street in 2011, right in the heart of a strip lined by some of Melbourne’s revered Vietnamese restaurants and soup kitchens. Steven and Christine Nguyen started their café and the name was derived from a combination of their two daughters’ names. They envisaged a destination where people could enjoy healthy Vietnamese favourites with an eye for compassion towards animals. They also, simply, wanted to make a living and enjoy seeing customers enjoy their menu. The drawcards here are simple Vietnamese hawker favourites all served speedily. There’s the fresh and crunchy bun cha gio chay – a lively rice vermicelli salad threaded with crispy sprigs of.

Hania Trzaskowski: Fresh, fabulously delicious, festive reception, and flawless balanced dishes. I can't fault this place at all, will be back next week for sure. Very kid friendly as well which makes a difference. Thank you Finas for making our day a joy today!

The Hangry Bitch: soups were cleansing with a clean sweet taste. No MSG is added, instead the lovely ingredients gave plenty of flavour to the dishes. My noodle soup was essentially vegetarian bun bo hue. It came with the appropriate julienned purple cabbage and mint and plenty of delicious meaty soy products such as tofu, beancurd sheets and soy meatloaf which was really tasty.. ..

Thequestfornoms: Here is what we had: Vegetarian Spring Rolls Crispy, fried and delightful.  I have never met a spring roll I didn't like.  I didn't even miss the meat.  I'm pleased the filling wasn't just one type of vegetable eg all cabbage or carrot, etc but a nice assorted mix.

Rosie: Melbourne has plenty of vegetarian restaurants, but I hadn't heard of a Vietnamese one until now. There should be more - the food was amazing! The cold rolls came with exquisitely plush rice paper wrapping and a tasty filling flavoured by mushroom, herbs and tofu, so much better than the damp wads full of rice noodles and iceberg you get at train stations and food courts. I had the simplest dish - fresh rice vermicelli with pickled Vietnamese salad, crunchy fried tofu, and sliced spring rolls. It comes with a sour, tasty sauce on the side. A really simple meal, and a perfect combination of hot and cold, crunchy and soft, salty and refreshing. The menu has plenty more to offer - vego pork skewers, vego pho noodle soup, and all sorts of noodles and veggies in soups or spicy sauces. The main courses were unbelievably good value at about $10. I though the clientele would be vacationing Brunswick East hipsters, but no, this place is part of the proper.

Mrdaniyyel: Yummy Spring Rolls. This place had the best vegetarian spring rolls I've ever tasted. It tasted so good that it didn't taste vegetarian at all! Delicious Vietnamese cuisine with delectable vegetarian substitutes. Excellent customer service and yummy desserts! Mia_k: Amazing food with out the msg. Would recommend it here.. Service is fantastic and friendly. Best vegetarian rest in Richmond. Much better than loving hut.. Would definitely come here again.. Fresh, friendly and tasteful..

Charlotteharris: Fantastic. We read the reviews and felt we had to give it a try. I am vegetarian but hubby isn't, but we were as pleased as each other with the food. We had a tofu salad with loads of fresh herbs and a sauce you apply yourself, tofu and a noodle veggie dish and rice, fantastic! The food was so fresh and tasty and the service was fast and friendly. We will be making the journey again for sure, if for nothing else but that tofu salad, oh yum

FoodieAboutTown: Vegetarian Heaven… not something everyone would pronounce and I am a very happy carnivore but perfectly happy with a spicy vegetarian feast! Fina’s is one of the many unassuming spots on the Victoria Street that don’t look look anything swanky but you know the food is going to be totally fab!! We are greeted with smiles and wonderful tea and the menu is fantastic, lots to choose from and the guys are happy to share this on their facebook . Fried wontons (vegetarian ofcourse!) are divine! Crispy gorgeous pockets of veggie loveliness, it isn’t a mushy filling and really great! Rice paper rolls are perfectly lovely with a deep nutty dipping sauce, my fellow diner is missing a big prawn through the middle! But they are jam packed with vermichelli and veggies! The mains are a tempting list of curries, noodles and rice and I am full of cold so the thought of a fantastic fragrant spicy broth is just what the doctor ordered!! Holy …. carrot!! Sooo amazing,

Marina: Had a late lunch here today and instantly felt like I was back in Vietnam. The atmosphere was relaxed and the service was really friendly and efficient. The food was fresh, healthy and generous portions. I had the spicy noodle soup and my boyfriend had the vermicelli with tofu and spring rolls. We were both very happy and will most definitely be back. Yummy Vietnamese coffee and sweets to! Scotty: Great food, great service.. A friend who works locally took me here for dinner and I was pleasantly surprised. All four of the dishes we ordered were lovely, the staff were really friendly and knowledgable, and the prices were low for the quality of the food. I'll be eating here again.

Orchard: Lunch Saigon style. In Melbourne for a few days, bf and I went exploring along Victoria St, Richmond, looking for vegetarian lunch and as luck would have it, chanced apon Fina's Cafe, close to the Church Street corner. I ordered Duang Noodle, a vege pho noodle soup, with mushroom and tofu that was absolutely delicious. Bf ordered the Vegetarian Curry with noodles and he gave it the big thumbs up. After lunch we relaxed in the cool, friendly atmosphere of the cafe, drinking Iced Coffees (Saigon style), watching the passing street life and chatting to Steve, the owner. Fina's is a great little cafe with lots of charm and we recommend it.

Thelastverses: Amaaaaazing! We have been here twice now & absolutely love it. Really great food for vegos & meat eaters alike (you won't miss your meat here) with fresh ingredients & great flavours. Food is vietnamese favourites like pho, spring rolls, 'crab' soup, bun... All yummy. The owner is just about the friendliest guy you would meet & he makes beautiful fresh fruit juices to order. I'm going back next week! Yum.

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Fina’s Richmond
268 Victoria St, Richmond 3121.
Tel:(03) 9428 6765

Fina’s Fitzroy
339 Brunswic St, Fitzroy 3065
Tel: (03) 9415 6765